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Yoga to lower blood pressure for Other HIV- groups N, O, and P have caused rare infections in central Africa. HIV regarded as less virulent, has caused a smaller epidemic, mostly in western Africa. Sequence analysis of HIV- group M isolates has determined that their closest relative is a simian immunodeficiency virus, SIVcpz, from the chimpanzee species Pan troglodytes troglodytes, found in southeastern Cameroon. This chimpanzee virus was thought to have crossed species to humans through the bushmeat trade when the killing of chimpanzees and preparation of chimpanzee meat exposed humans to SIVcpz. Testing of preserved tissue biopsies from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo then L opoldville, Belgian Congo found evidence of HIV- infection from and comparison of its sequence to the SIVcpz sequences suggested that the virus had been evolving in humans for several decades by that time. Kinshasa sits along the Congo River, downstream of the infected chimpanzees habitat. HIV- is most closely related to a simian immunodeficiency virus found in sooty mangabeys SIVsm with the different HIV- groups representing separate mangabey-to-human transmission events. Yoga to lower blood pressure photos, Yoga to lower blood pressure 2016.

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