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Throughout history many people have believed that the event of liberation could also mean that the meditator, after returning to consciousness from total absorption, is able to contemplate liberating insight. But this is a significant change undermining the whole idea of this ascetic-meditative discourse. If we follow this extended view of liberation, we make liberation into an intellectual event. Such a view confirms that Meditative Absorption on its own does not produce liberation. It only functions to calm and purify the mind enabling the adept afterwards to make the final intellectual cognition. So to subscribe stringently to the view that liberation happens while in Meditative Absorption seems to imply that liberation is logically an after-death event (Wynne 2007).

Liberation as an intellectual effort brings us to the other notion: Gnostic Comprehension, which implies a conceptual realisation or intellectual understanding of fundamental issues of reality. It is often described as similar to the understanding of a joke: a sudden insight where everything comes together and brings spontaneous laughter. So here mind and consciousness are fully switched on; a total and extraordinary clarity bereft of any delusions. This Gnostic insight is liberating – and it can happen in this life. Sometimes it is said to happen gradually as one learns, or sometimes it is said to happen with an unexpected sudden snap. This type of

liberation is typically constructed by Axial Age wisdom discourses giving priority to abstract thinking and knowledge.

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