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If it is argued that when an elephant is perceived as existing in a mirror it is only a case of delusion because no object can really exist in a mirror, the author replies that, undoubtedly, this is a case of delusion. But this example only proves the veracity of the theory of reflection. As for the nature of this delusion, it will be discussed later. As in the example of a city reflected in a mirror described above, after the dissolution of all impurity from one’s vision, the universe is experienced as non-different from that which illumines and reveals it: the illumination-nature of the highest Bhairava, which is the absolutely pure light of consciousness of the supreme Lord Siva, accompanied by the highest bliss. The universe thus revealed is composed of experiencers and the experienced subjects and objects, which are distinct from each other and are of infinite variety. However, the universe, despite its being completely identified with the experience of the supreme Lord at this stage, is also distinct from the supreme Lord’s experience of it, just as the reflections in a mirror are different from the mirror itself.

Similarly, the illumination nature of the Lord, which holds reflected within its bosom the entire universe, shines independently, thereby transcending the universal manifestation as the experiencer of all. As in the mirror, the differentiation caused by space and time really does exist in the external world and is manifested there as such, but this does not affect the true nature of illumination just as a mirror exists unaffected by the reflection of diversity. Thus the experience, which is in the form of unity-cum-diversity, remains essentially one unified experience like the reflection in the mirror. The analogy discussed above has its limitations. The distinction between the manifestation of objects through their reflection in a mirror and the manifestation of the universe by the light of consciousness which is endowed with Yoga Sakti lies in the fact that the objects like the city and so on are external to the mirror when these are reflected in its clear surface. Moreover these objects are not created by the mirror during the process of reflection. Therefore, the perception in the mirror that this is an elephant is undoubtedly a delusion.

Yoga to lose weight for Several sociopolitical factors likely contributed to the diffusion of HIV from isolated transmission events to bushmeat traders to the global pandemic that it is today. At the time when HIV- group M is thought to have entered the human population, the traditional social structure of African society was disrupted by colonization, and the migration of people and development of cities all presented opportunities for the virus to spread. The stresses of tropical infections and malnutrition contributed to the immune suppression that allowed the virus to take hold. Further, the use of inadequately sterilized syringes and needles to treat infections and administer vaccines likely contributed to the rapid expansion of infection in the population of central Africa. With advances in transportation throughout the twentieth century, the ease of international travel permitted HIV to make its way to distant continents. HIV AIDS Today In the initial years of the AIDS epidemic, the diagnosis was a death sentence. There was no effective treatment, and affected people would invariably succumb to opportunistic infections or cancer. Yoga to lose weight photos, Yoga to lose weight 2016.

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