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Yoga to lose belly fat for Retroviruses are distinguished by the presence of an RNA genome the message that encodes the viral genes, reverse transcriptase a viral enzyme that copies the viral genome into DNA, and integrase an enzyme that inserts the DNA copy of the viral genome into the host cell’s DNA. Both reverse transcriptase and integrase are targets of anti-HIV antiretroviral medications. The relatively high error rate of its reverse transcriptase and its ability to undergo recombination the swapping of segments between different copies of the viral genome allow HIV to mutate and adapt to its host. Lentiviruses like HIV are notable among retroviruses for their ability to infect nondividing cells, which is, in part, why they are able to persist in the host indefinitely. The primary target cells of HIV are CD T lymphocytes helper T cells and macrophages, which play essential roles in the human immune response. HIV has been found to exist in two types, HIV- and HIV each with several groups. HIV group M for major, is responsible for the AIDS pandemic. Yoga to lose belly fat photos, Yoga to lose belly fat 2016.

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