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Yoga loka for Marsha Saxton, for example, is a university professor and a specialist in disability issues who was born with spina bifida. She observes that many eugenics laws were compulsory, whereas abortion today at least in the United States is voluntary. Furthermore, she argues that a woman’s right to choose is a paramount concern. She recognizes that this debate can place women’s rights activists and disabled activists at odds and implores the two communities to work together as much as possible, drawing in particular on the voices of disabled women. The Future The past several years, which have been marked by economic recession, have triggered the urge to reform economies and cut budget expenses. Accessibility, which includes modified environments and the right to education, imposes significantly higher costs than standard construction and education. Higher levels of expenses for people with disabilities are also apparent in health-care systems, pension and social security systems, and other social welfare programs. Yoga loka photos, Yoga loka 2016.

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