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Yoga loft chicago for The surest, the simplest, the kindest, and most humane means for preventing reproduction among those whom we deem unworthy of this high privilege is a gentle painless death and this should be administered not as a punishment but as an expression of enlightened pity for the victims too defective by nature to find true happiness in life and as a duty toward the community and toward our own offspring. To change for the better human nature as found in vicious stocks would be as we have seen a slow and exceedingly difficult if not hopeless undertaking, but so to change it in stocks already good is but a hastening of the natural trend of human evolution. Let us now unfold somewhat more in detail the plan under consideration, premising that an idea so radical and so replete with practical difficulties cannot at first be shaped into any great degree of definiteness. Indeed, for the reduction of the principles here enunciated into a form susceptible of practical application, no one individual is competent but I believe that the task is not too grave for the aggregate wisdom of society. The essential feature of the plan is the gentle removal from this life of such idiotic, imbecile, and otherwise grossly defective persons as are now dependent for maintenance upon the State, and of such criminals as commit the most heinous crimes or show by the frequent repetition of crimes less grave by their bodily and mental characters and by their ancestry that they are hopelessly incorrigible. But we may specify more minutely the individuals whom we should select for extinction. It is clear that all idiots would require such a decision, and of imbeciles by far the greater number, and especially those who, while intelligent, gave sure indication of moral imbecility. Yoga loft chicago photos, Yoga loft chicago 2016.

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