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Yoga loft boulder for Documents Heredity and Human Progress excerpt, William Duncan McKim, William Duncan McKim had a long career as a physician and philanthropist in the United States. In he wrote Heredity and Human Progress, one of the first works to address the emerging science of eugenics. Supporters of eugenics, influenced by the ideas of Charles Darwin, argued for the vigorous management and improvement of the human gene pool. This was to be accomplished by promoting reproduction among individuals deemed to have good genes while progressively eliminating individuals with bad genes from the population. In this selection from Heredity and Human Progress, which epitomizes a way of thinking from the era before the disability rights movement that seems grotesquely antiquated and inhumane, McKim argues for the euthanization of criminals and the disabled. It is thus by an artificial selection that it is proposed to elevate the human race. While not interfering with the general productiveness of our kind, I would limit the multiplication of the organically weak and the organically vicious, restricting the plan, however, to the very weak and the very vicious who fall into the hands of the State for maintenance, reformation, or punishment. Yoga loft boulder photos, Yoga loft boulder 2016.


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