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Yoga lifestyle for Some critics also detect racism in schools handling of IDEA, observing that African Americans are disproportionately labeled as learning disabled or mentally retarded. Another important, and relatively new, issue that disability advocates are confronting today is the ability of medical practitioners to identify disabilities early in pregnancy and to terminate such pregnancies. Some activists have compared this development to the eugenics movement, suggesting that it is simply a more palatable way of removing the disabled from the gene pool and from society. They argue that pregnant women are under pressure from society and medical professionals to have prenatal screenings and to consider terminating pregnancies if the fetus is found to have Down’s syndrome, muscular dystrophy, or spina bifida, among other conditions. These concerns have been verbalized as a right not to abort, with advocates observing that raising a child with a disability is often a rewarding experience that affirms human worth. They also assert that selective abortion of fetuses that show abnormalities implicitly suggests that a normal life is the only type of life worth living. Not all disability activists share the same point of view on this issue, however. Yoga lifestyle photos, Yoga lifestyle 2016.

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