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It is the power of self-concealment of his divine nature and is composed of three kinds of defilements, beginning with anava mala. 16 The objects of enjoyment, which are of the nature of pleasure, etc., are different from the enjoyer, emanating as they do from prakrti, which will be described later along with pumsa the enjoyer whose nature is described below: Enveloped by may a Yoga Sakti, the bodha Siva’s self-aware, pure consciousness becomes defiled and accepts the condition of purusa, a fettered being, upon being fully bound by kfila limitation with respect to time, kalli limited agency, niyati limitation with respect to causation, rlga limited desire, and avidyti limitation due to ignorance kaficukas. Enveloped by, the bodha, omniscient and omnipotent by nature, becomes dependent and is covered by the Anava mala, which negates his divine essence of omniscience and omnipotence, etc., and reduces him to a limited being, just as the all-pervasive ether becomes limited on being delimited by a pot.

Such a limited being is given the name of purusa tattva. One who is ensnared by mitya is called paiu. The snares are the three defilements: Anava, mAyiya, and karma malas. Also purusa tattva denotes one who is fettered fully on all sides by kAla, etc. Its nature will be described later.

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