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The tension inherent in liberation as it surfaced

First: does liberation take place in this life or in after life? In its initial meaning among the Jains, moksha was an event after death. We see that especially in the Jain discourse, where at the end of life karma is brought to a halt through the mortification of body and mind. The soul, relieved of Karmic energy, is now able to rest in death. However especially under Buddhism and in general under wisdom discourses, moksha became something which can be obtained in life. Hence Buddha was the awakened one’ – a living liberated being. It is clear that this is a significant different identity, although both the awakened one’ and the (dead) released soul’ shared the fact that they both were free of karma. As we read the Upanishads, we become confused as to whether the liberation they describe is happening in this life or in death.

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