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Yoga landing for Consequently, attempts to regulate and stabilize economies have often targeted various funds aimed at benefiting people with disabilities. In the United States, for example, recent state and national budget cuts have substantially reduced funds for health-care and special education services that had previously benefited people with disabilities. Cuts in Medicaid have made certain treatments unavailable while also imposing limitations on the ability of schools to provide adequate supports to students with disabilities, despite the fact that IDEA requires the availability of those services. In effect, the meaning of medical necessity has been redefined in the face of budgetary pressures. The economic downturn has also created problems for those with disabilities in India, where efforts to stabilize and rejuvenate the economy have encouraged privatization of business and shrunk the role and size of the welfare state. Responsibility for the support of people with disabilities has largely been left to communities and civil society, both of which tend to be economically unstable and do not necessarily assign great importance to disability rights. Similar trends have developed in Africa, where government decisions to open land to tourism and other economic purposes have led to violations of human rights on numerous levels, including against those with disabilities. Yoga landing photos, Yoga landing 2016.


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