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Yoga kriya on And yet another is the taboo-breaking ritual of early tantric practice. One has, however, to look closely and read between the lines to detect this strand, for, as Mallinson points out, As the orthodox ideology of Vedanta and Bhakti increased their grip on yoga, tantric ideas were slowly squeezed out,54 and, I would add, or distorted almost beyond recognition. So, in sum, we are still in the early stages of understanding both tantra and hathayoga. Much historical reconstruction still has to be done and the persistent propagation of ideological brahmanic interpretations will have to be rigorously challenged if we are to arrive at an understanding that is both accurate and comprehensive. The Hatha Yoga Praddpika55 is one of a number of practical yoga manuals commonly associated with a group called the natha or kanphata yogis. Natha means lord, hence the natha yogis are ideally those who have reached the enlightened state or who are on the path towards it. Kanphata means split-eared, a sign of group membership. Yoga kriya 2016.


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