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Cultural Studies versus Religious Studie

In many cases within Religious Studies (Wikipedia link) ultimate yogic trance’ is often signified as a mystical experience’ or just as the sacred. Today many of us are so accustomed to this religious signification of yoga trance that we have forgotten that yogic mystical experiences’ are not facts but religious opinions about facts: A mystical experience’ is not a fact, but a religious sign applied to a fact – to an ASC.

However, ultimately yoga trance does not have to be expressed or signified in this religious way. We could also frame yogic trance within psychological, cognitive or neurological discourses. We would then alternatively say that they signified: precognitive experiences; Freudian subconscious projections; subliminal perception; psychological trance; states of no-self awareness; mental imbalances; or Jungian archetypes etc.

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