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Just as a King-Emperor, lord of the seven island kingdoms of the whole world, is adored and worshipped by all the people living in different parts of his kingdom, in the same way the spiritual seeker within whom the accumulated merit and demerit have loosened their grip, who has developed non-attachment, and who has taken on a physical body for the last time, becomes worthy of adoration by all of us. What happens to such a spiritual adept after returning from his enjoyment in other higher regions? This is answered in the following verse: After a long time he returns and assumes a human frame and practicing yoga he comes to the divine deathless state from which he never returns. After enjoying for a long time the pleasures of the higher realms as indicated above, the spiritual adept, fallen from the path of yoga, reverts to the life of a human being in the world and obtains a physical body suitable for the practice of yoga, the final attainment of which was difficult to achieve during his previous life due to the fickleness of his mind.

He then effortlessly resumes the practice of yoga after recalling the residual impressions of yoga that were created by his faith and devotion in his previous life. He becomes firmly established in yoga and attains divine immortality, the divine essence, after his death. Therefore there is no rebirth for such individuals. A slight concentration on his real essence, which is the highest purpose, prevents his transmigration in the world. As has been said in the Yoga Gita: In this Iyoga there is no loss of effort, nor is there transgression.

Even a little of this dharma religious duty protects one from great fear. IYoga Gita 11.401 Again in the Yoga GWJ: O Krishna, one whose mind wanders auiy from yoga failing to attain perfection, hut who possesses faithâ”what path does he tread? IYoga Gita VI.37J. In this way a fettered being who has even a little access to the path of knowledge attains such extraordinary powers that they cannot adequately be described.

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