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The sign moksha’ is often in Western discourse labelled liberation’ – liberation from the suffering of infinite numbers of re-births. The issue with moksha ‘ or liberation ‘ is that the sign at closer inspection is very confusing and contradictory. This is due to the very diverse sign systems defining and orientating the liberation sign. Sometimes it is entirely disconnected from karma and samsara, especially in the West where these signs are not accepted.

Basically the moksha discourses in pre-modern India can be grouped into two: ascetic-meditative discourses and wisdom discourses each defining liberation and the path to liberation in opposing ways.

The aim of this contemplation chapter is to clarify the tensions within the liberation sign by using a method from sociology called ideal types. This should facilitate the discussions in this book regarding the use-value of yoga – its technical transforming powers. As this is one of the contemplation chapters, it may be skipped by the reader not interested in this level of details.

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