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Yoga jokes for Consistent with this understanding of the relationship between the sexes, many cultures saw physical abuse of women particularly wives by their husbands as an acceptable exercise of male authority. For example, the Catholic Church issued rules of marriage in the fifteenth century that instructed men to stand in judgment of their spouses and to beat unruly wives in order to save their souls. The right of husbands to beat their wives was also enshrined in law codes in ancient China and Greece, the Roman Republic, the Persian and Indian empires, and medieval France and England. Many cultures also tolerated sexual abuse against women. It was not uncommon in centuries past for rape to be treated as a crime against a woman’s father or husband, with perpetrators required to make financial or other amends to the victimized male. Not only was the raped woman not considered a victim, but also she might even be punished as an accomplice to the crime if she encouraged the rape or did not do enough to call for help. The Sumerians, Assyrians, ancient Hebrews, Visigoths, Vikings, and medieval Germans all took some variant of this point of view. Yoga jokes photos, Yoga jokes 2016.

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