Yoga Janu Sirsasana Pose

The Handling of Prana

Yogis have developed refined ways of influencing the dynamics of the prana; yet most body psychotherapists who want to influence internal breathing tend to use only simplistic and rudimentary methods. Here are some points of reflection that highlight the minimum knowledge that a body psychotherapist ought to have on this topic. He will rarely find more information than this in the various textmy yoga blogs dedicated to his profession.


When a breathing exercise is correctly prescribed and well accepted, all those who practice it speak spontaneously of an intensification of body sensations (tingling, pins and needles sensations, warmth diffused throughout the body), a feeling of relaxation, and an impression of having become denser, more coherent, and more together. The power of this impression explains the importance accorded to internal respiration that has, as its first function, the maintenance of the vitality of the cells of the organism

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