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Yoga its health benefits for At different times during the day, month, and year, and depending on where on the earth you are looking out from, the sun, moon, and planets are seen against a backdrop of a particular star group or constellation. The planet is said to be in a particular zodiacal sign, for example, Venus is in Cancer. Due to the movement of the stars, called the precession of the ages, the correspondence is not exact. Using a reference work called an ephemeris, which contains the positions of the sun, moon, and planets as they move through the zodiac, and mathematical calculations, astrologers plot these planets on a paper chart that includes the zodiacal circle and the twelve houses arranged like twelve unequal pie slices in degrees of pie. When referencing the date and place of someone’s birth, the resulting chart is called a birth chart, natal chart, or horoscope. The qualities ascribed to the planets it is an astrological convention to refer to the sun and moon as planets as well are modified by those of the signs of the zodiac they appear in. They function within the realm of life experience presented by the house in which they appear, forming the basis for describing the life experience of an individual. Yoga its health benefits photos, Yoga its health benefits 2016.

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