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Yoga inversions health benefits for The completed chart then contains planets and signs in each of the twelve houses. The interpretation of the interrelationship of all of these ASTROLOGY qualities, energies, and life dramas will identify talents, potential character strengths and defects, hobbies, career choice, quality of relationships with family, friends, and mate, and a host of other possibilities. The goal of humanistic astrology is to obtain information about these life patterns and innate tendencies from birth to death so that we can be active in the events and turning points in our lives in pursuit of spiritual evolution. Signs of the Zodiac The placement of the sun at the time of one s birth determines one’s astrological sign. The signs of the zodiac are as follows Astrology is a form of divination in which the spatial relationship between planets and stars is used to predict events and states of being on earth. This chart, for Western astrology, is based on the solar years seasons and shows zodiacal signs and lists the parts of the body they are said to affect. ASTROLOGY Aries, the ram March -April Taurus, the bull April -May Gemini, the twins May -June Cancer, the crab June-July Leo, the lion July -August Virgo, the virgin August -September Libra, the scales of balance September -October Scorpio, the scorpion October -November Sagittarius, the archer November -December Capricorn, the goat December -January Aquarius, the water carrier January -February Pisces, the fish February -March. Yoga inversions health benefits photos, Yoga inversions health benefits 2016.

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