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Therefore the grace of the supreme Lord alone is capable of achieving the liberation of enlightened souls. It has been stated elsewhere: With respect to the descent of grace of the Lord, it is the intellect which makes his divine freedom manifest and as such is related to his agency as the supreme Lord. There is no cause governing its operation. The lirodhnna sakti power of concealment of the supreme Lord is responsible for the transmigration of fettered subjects, due to which they are oblivious of their true divine nature; engage themselves in the performance of deeds, meritorious or otherwise; are subject to happiness or sorrow, respectively; and undergo repeated transmigrations. Though the Self is one In all limited beings, the two opposite Yoga Saktis, anugraha power of grace and tirodhilna power of concealment2, which are of the nature of prakaSa illumination, connoting knowledge and aprakaSa darkness, connoting ignorance, are responsible for the achievement of liberation or bondage. This has been stated by Avadhuta Siddhapada:

One Yoga Sakti from the supreme or infinite Yoga Sakti ensnares the limited being in worldy bondage, while the other Yoga Sakti, wielding the sirord of knowledge, secures the individuals by cutting asunder all the bonds. s 10-11 Having relied on the Agamas, personal experience, and logic to explain the foregoing, the nature of ParamaSiva, the supreme cause of the world which is composed of the thirty-six tattvas, which manifests as connected to him in a cause-and -effect relation, and which is contained in the four eggs beginning with the Yoga Sakti, etc., already mentioned, is revealed in the following two verses: The Siva tattva is full-in-itself. The entire universe, which is composed of the tattvas beginning with the Siva tattva and ending in the prthvl tattim, is manifest in it. In other words, the entire universe is manifested as identified with it.

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