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Keeping all these objections by the opponent in view, the author of the verses, Abhinavagupta, replies, saying that die descent of the divine grace of the Lord upon individual beings is unconditional. The face of an individual with its features, upon being reflected in a spotlessly clean mirror, shines in such a way that no feature is unrevealed. If, however, the mirror is not fully clean, then however beautiful the face of an individual is in comparison to others, it appears as the opposite, ugly, because of a defect in the reflecting medium, the mirror. A dirty mirror is incapable of revealing all the beautiful qualities of the facc. In fact, a person on finding his face distorted when reflected in an unclean mirror feels embarrassed and exclaims, my face is distorted. In the same way, when a ray of Siva’s own Yoga Sakti, called anugrahii Yoga Sakti the power of grace, falls on the fettered individual, it causes the removal of the residual impressions of the linava mala, the mUy’nja mala, and the kitrma mala the three kinds of defilements enveloping all embodied individuals, as a result of which the mirrorlike intellect is purged of all impurities. In the case of some fortunate individuals, the Self, who is of the nature of illumination and is endowed with intrinsic qualities like omniscience and omnipotence, is then revealed automatically. Such individuals, following the revelation of their essence in their mirrorlike intellect, exist in this world as liberated persons free from all kinds of bonds, and are endowed with qualities indicating their essential divinity.

In the case of the majority of subjects, however, their intellect remains clouded by the three defilements, the anava, the mUyiya, and the karma malas, which veil them by the tirodhftna Yoga Sakti power of self-concealment of the supreme Lord. As a result the real Self reflected in their intellects remains obscured. Such individuals are called transmigratory fettered beings paSu because of the presence of this deficiency in them. There are others who develop within themselves a longing to embark on the path of self-realisation. In such subjects, both the Yoga Saktis of the supreme Lord, the power of grace anugralia Yoga Sakti and the power of concealment tirodhana Yoga Sakti, operate unconditionally. Thus in these cases the descent of divine grace taking place in three different forms, the most intense, the intense, and the mild is implied. According to this school of non-dual Saivism of Kashmir the performance of O&vamedha sacrifice the horse sacrifice, etc., or the repetition of the name or sacred word mantra, or meditation, or the performance of actions, all coming within the domain of the operation of mttya and, as such, controlled by the niyati sakti, are considered incapable of securing one’s liberation. The pure Self lies above mtlyiV, hence any means spiritual practices involving duality and differentiation are said to be incapable of serving as the instrument for securing liberation. It has been said: I I the Selfl cannot be seen either by taking recourse to the Vedas, or by performance of tapas austerity, or by giving alms, or by performing sacrifices. Yoga Gltti Xl.531

Yoga to increase flexibility for The contributors of the case study note that the men all had severely depressed cellular immune function In the period October May young men, all active homosexuals, were treated for biopsy-confirmed Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia at different hospitals in Los Angeles, California. Two of the patients died. All patients had laboratory-confirmed previous or current cytomegalovirus CMV infection and candidal mucosal infection. Case reports of these patients follow. Patient A previously healthy -year-old man developed P. carinii pneumonia and oral mucosal candidiasis in March after a -month history of fever associated with elevated liver enzymes, leukopenia, and CMV viruria. The serum complement-fixation CMV titer in October was in May it was. Yoga to increase flexibility photos, Yoga to increase flexibility 2016.

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