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Yoga improves health for Gemini represents the twins. Its element is air, its mode is mutable. Geminis are quickthinking, intelligent collectors of information who strive to see clearly and who straddle unconventional and seemingly irreconcilable ideas regardless of how unorthodox their position may be. They revel in making sense of confusion. Their shadow side is the flip side of their quick minds they never lose an argument and can reconstruct the elements of the truth to fit a lessthan-true outcome. Geminis embody curiosity, vitality, and wonder in life. Unlike Gemini, Cancer’s exploration of the universe is an internal affair Cancer leads with his or her feelings. Yoga improves health photos, Yoga improves health 2016.


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There is a trend in the mindfulness world called “mindful drinking.” Great craft cocktails and meditation cushions are designed to help people notice how drinking makes them feel.

Well, I know how drinking makes me feel, you may be thinking. Fan-freaking-tastic.

As good as drinking can make us feel, many people are concerned with how much they are drinking. The guidelines are not always super clear about what one drink for a woman and two for a man really means. We don’t know how ofen we can partake in drinks afer work or happy hour and still be healthy, vibrant people.

Mindful drinking is not designed to make you feel badly about yourself. It is designed to make you stop when you truly feel like stopping, rather than getting another round just for the heck of it or because you have run out of things to say.


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