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Yoga how to sleep for Environmental Protection Agency Consumer and Investor Rights and Protections The term consumers is defined as individuals and institutions that purchase goods and services investors are individuals or institutions that commit money or capital to purchase assets real property or financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds in the hope of realizing financial gain. In virtually every jurisdiction in the world, consumers and investors enjoy numerous rights that are protected through a variety of means. Some are enshrined in law and administered by government institutions, others are incorporated into private or industrywide institutional safeguards, and still others are rooted in tradition or custom. Consumer and investor protections are as old as trade and commerce themselves many of the world’s faiths proscribed fraudulent practices in both. Still, the general rule of the thumb long held that the buyer, not the seller, was responsible for the quality of goods. Yoga how to sleep photos, Yoga how to sleep 2016.

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