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Yoga how to relax for While modern government agencies and other institutions have a mandate to protect investors, as they do consumers, there are significant differences in these two realms of buyer vendor relations that modify how government offers the protections. First, consumers are not supposed to be taking inordinate risks when purchasing goods or services when they buy a car, for example, they expect and have a right to a vehicle that operates as advertised for a reasonable period of time. Investors, however, understand they are taking a risk in purchasing a financial instrument. Vendors of such instruments cannot lie about the risk, but nor can they be held responsible if the instrument does not perform as well in the future as it has in the past. Second, the vendors of financial instruments inevitably have and, by necessity, must have more knowledge and understanding of the product they are selling than the buyer. In the case of corporate securities, for instance, managers and directors must conceal certain industrial secrets otherwise, the company they run or direct would lose its competitive advantage, harming their own interests and those of existing investors. Thus, they cannot divulge nor are they expected to divulge all relevant information about the business to potential investors. Yoga how to relax photos, Yoga how to relax 2016.

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