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Yoga how to reduce weight for Finally, while a consumer takes full possession of the product he buys and uses it as he wishes, an investor understands that what she has purchased will remain largely under the control of others, be they mutual fund managers or corporate directors. In short, governments seeking to protect investors through legislation and regulation must weigh the needs of the entity issuing the financial instrument along with those of the individual or institution buying the instrument, favoring the former more than would be the case in the simple sale of a good or service. Benefits and Costs of Consumer Protection The benefits of consumer protection laws and institutions to the consumers themselves are obvious. In a nutshell, consumers are protected against unsafe products and services and assured that the products and services they buy will perform reasonably or as advertised. Similarly, investors are assured that they will have access to all public information about the financial instrument or property they are investing in, as well as the terms of their investment, without fear of having these things presented in a false or fraudulent manner. But consumer and investor protections also have benefits for the sellers of products, services, property, and financial instruments. Protection laws and the agencies and institutions established to enforce them ensure that there is a level playing field, that is, that individuals and companies that market products or financial instruments in a fair and honest way are not put at a competitive disadvantage by those who would do so in a false and fraudulent manner. Yoga how to reduce weight photos, Yoga how to reduce weight 2016.

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