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Yoga how to Pics for Only government could establish the rules and institutions to make sure that resources were exploited in a sustainable fashion. In addition, only government had the power to balance the interests of various groups hunters and fishers, recreationists, industry in an equitable fashion. By the late twentieth century, however, utilitarians had themselves split into two camps those who maintained the liberal tradition of the Progressive Era and saw an important role for government in conserving nature and natural resources and those known collectively as the Wise Use Movement who argued that private industry and individual landowners were better conservators, because conservation was in their economic self-interest. Preservationists share the earlier utilitarians view that government has a central role to play in checking the human propensity to overexploit nature. Descendants of the European Romantics and American transcendentalists of the early nineteenth century, preservationists such as Muir argued that connectedness to nature, and particularly wilderness, was essential to the spiritual well-being of human beings, especially those who lived in a modern, industrial society that separated them from the natural world. Thus, nature must be preserved in its pristine form. This was so not just because nature in its untouched form was essential for the human spirit but also because the act of preservation bound humanity to nature. Yoga how to Pics photos, Yoga how to Pics 2016.


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