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It may be asked what is Sambhu’s nature? The reply given is that he is transcendent, of the nature of the transcendent absolute, full-in-himself, and endowed with the powers of consciousness cit, bliss dnanda, will icchli, knowledge jfiitna, and action kriyfl. Similarly, he exists in his divine nature, full-in-himself, on the level of the pure realm Buddha adhvan, extending from the level of Siva Yoga how to fall asleep tattva down to the Buddha vidya tattva that lies above the level of mSya.’ Although he manifests himself in diverse forms such as the sada4iva, the Isvara, and the Buddha vidya tattvas, he does not deviate in the least from his absolute and integral nature. As has been stated in Spanda Kariki 13: Even in the division I inherent in the statesI of waking, etc., he extends in his unity, not ceasing from his own nature as the percewer.

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