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Yoga how to control the mind for Criminal Homicide, Selected Countries, * Causes Causal factors behind violent crime vary widely, depending on place, time, and type of crime. But, in general, these factors can be divided into two rough categories those pertaining to the individual perpetrator, which concern issues such as personal history, psychology, and socioeconomic factors, and those pertaining to the society at large, which may have cultural, social, economic, political, and historical components. Gender is perhaps the number one factor in determining propensity to commit violent crime, as well as likelihood of being the victim of a crime. Depending on which society is being examined, men are typically more likely to commit a violent crime by a factor of ten or more than women. Experts offer varying explanations for this. Declining in acceptance are physiological ones, as studies increasingly have found little connection between higher levels of testosterone, a behavior-affecting hormone found in much higher levels in males than females, and violent behavior. More accepted are cultural and psychological explanations, whereby males are raised and acculturated in ways that make them more sensitive to affronts to their pride, more inclined to use violence to settle disputes, and more determined to be proactive, including using violence, to get what they want. Yoga how to control the mind photos, Yoga how to control the mind 2016.

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