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Yoga house for Documents Wife-Torture in England excerpt, Frances Cobbe, An Irish-born British social reformer and essayist, Frances Cobb wrote extensively on women’s issues and was an important advocate for woman suffrage and property rights. In Cobb turned her pen to the problem of domestic violence, which she referred to as wife-torture, in one of the first expos s of domestic violence in modern history. While noting its pervasiveness among all classes and regions in Britain, she observes that violence against wives is more prevalent among the working-class poor. As a general matter, she also argues that such violence is a function of women’s inequality under the law and their definition as the property of men. These, then, are the localities wherein Wife-torture flourishes in England where a dense population is crowded into a hideous manufacturing or mining or mercantile district. Wages are usually high though fluctuating. Facilities for drink and vice abound, but those for cleanliness and decency are scarcely attainable. Yoga house photos, Yoga house 2016.

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