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Yoga holistic health for The tenth house is the place of career or vocation and how we are seen in the world. In the eleventh house, larger groups of people, organizations, friendship groups, and manifesting one’s dreams are key. The twelfth house is the house of karma meaning the inter- and intrapersonal issues that are part of our life’s work to solve. The challenge it holds out is growth on a soul level. ASTROLOGY Basics of Indian Astrology Indian astrology is based on the stars, whose position is seen as fixed, with the most important being the constellations that the moon appears to move through each month. There are twenty-seven such constellations, which are called lunar mansions. While the other aspects of Indian astrology were influenced by peoples from Mesopotamia and the Greeks, the lunar mansions are of ancient Indian origin. Yoga holistic health photos, Yoga holistic health 2016.

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