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Yoga history for The men are rude, coarse, and brutal in their manners and habits, and the women devoid, in an extraordinary degree, of all the higher natural attractions and influences of their sex. Poor drudges of the factory, or of the crowded and sordid lodging-house, they lose, before youth is past, the freshness, neatness, and gentleness, perhaps even the modesty of a woman, and present, when their miserable cases come up before the magistrate, an aspect so sordid and forbidding that it is no doubt with difficulty he affords his sympathy to them rather than to the husband chained to so wretched a consort. Throughout the whole of this inquiry I think it very necessary, in justice to all parties, and in mitigation of too vehement judgement of cases only know from printed reports, to bear in mind that the women of the class concerned are, some of them woefully unwomanly, slatternly, coarse, foul-mouthed, sometimes loose in behaviour, sometimes madly addicted to drink. There ought to be no idealising of them, as a class, into refined and suffering angels if we wish to be just. The home of a Lancashire operative, alas! is not a garden wherein the plants of refinement or sensitiveness are very likely to spring up or thrive. Given this direful milieu, and its population, male and female, we next ask, What are the immediate incitements to the men to maltreat the women? They are of two kinds, I think general and particular. First, the whole relation between the sexes in the class we are considering is very little better than one of master and slave. Yoga history photos, Yoga history 2016.

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