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Yoga hips on The one who embodies Hevajra should be placed in the centre of the yoginis, whose places are known, as taught before, in the main directions and intermediate points. Then seated upon one s tiger skin, one should eat the spiced food of the sacrament, enjoying it, and one should eat with eagerness the kingly rice. When one has eaten again and again, one should honour the mother-goddesses there and they may be mother or sister or niece or mother-in-law. One should honour them to a high degree to gain fulfilment in their company. The chief lady should offer to the master an unmarred sacred skull filled with liquor, and having made obeisance to him, she should drink it herself. She should hold it in her hands in a lotus-gesture, and present it with the same gesture. Again and again they make obeisance, those winners of fulfilment. Yoga hips 2016.

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