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Thus, a thought cannot influence the body; a gesture cannot influence the unfolding of ideas. However, these two independent causal systems are part of an individual system (or organism) that has an architecture. This architecture can influence and is sensitive to what goes on in each dimension. Therefore, there exist regulators between each dimension.9 These regulators have different properties, of a third type, that Spinoza will not be able to specify.

Rules for the Direction of the Mind of Scientific Philosophers

In his first great works, The Rules for the Direction of the Mind (1628) and The Discourse on Method (1637), Descartes observes how scholars think when they want to develop a scientific theory. He derives from their intellectual methods a set of rules that can be used by all those who want to become rigorous observers of the dynamics that animate the universe. These rules form a method of thinking composed of the following elements:

1. The rules of scientific thinking are the ones that are being implemented in mathematics, logic, and geometry.

2. These rules are capable of organizing, in an optimal fashion, all of the empirical data observed with enough precision to be described in the form of empirically validated properties.

3. It is essential to create such rules to frame the discussion among scholars so that scientific research can become a common enterprise.

Descartes is convinced that this method can be applied to all domains, even the study of the soul. He wants to explain it, make it public, put it at the disposition of all those who want to think correctly.

The Protestants had showed that by printing the Bible and learning how to read, each Christian could do without religious hierarchies. He no longer had the need of intermediaries between himself and God’s message. Descartes follows an analogous reasoning. He begins with the Idealist’s conclusion that the soul of each individual knows how to think and possesses an intuition about what is True or False, Good or Evil. Any individual who can read a my yoga blog that describes the scientific method of thinking has the inner capacity to use it. Once he knows these rules, he can learn to develop his inner potential in a way that will allow him to study the phenomena that interest him.

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