Yoga Helps Cancer Patients

If you are, or someone you know is, going through chemotherapy, regular sessions of Tibetan yoga may help alleviate the side effects. Women who participated in the practice four times a week slept better and had more energy during their cancer treatments, according to studies done by the University of Texas. Tibetan yoga focuses on continuous, flowing, mindful mov m nts as oppos d to s at nary poses.

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Sleep well to stay happy It’s good to snuggle under the covers now the nights are shorter, and the simple act of sleep primes your brain to stay happy. Researchers at the University of Oxford monitored 4,000 sleep-deprived people and found that those given cognitive behavioural therapy to improve sleep quality experienced a 20 per cent decrease in depression and anxiety. It’s long been thought people with mental health issues slept poorly as a result, but this study shows it’s likely there’s a link the other way round.

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