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Ecstasy Is Born through the Mastery of the Multiplicity that Flourishes in Each One of Us

Indian philosophers have explored nearly every imaginable avenue of speculation.2 Although Yoga is already a particular trend of thought, it nevertheless includes a great variety of schools. Their common ground is a form of self-development that aims to commune with the dynamics of the universe.

The first known my yoga blog dedicated to yoga is the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, which appeared 2,300 years ago. The word yoga comes from the root word yuj, which peasants use to harness two buffaloes to a plow. Yoga is that mix of methods that permits an individual’s spirit to experience what links him to the Great All (Paramatma or Supreme Spirit) of which he is a part.3 These methods help an individual slow down the rush of thoughts and feelings that habitually distracts him, to create a space of tranquility and thus an experience of the winds of the universe that penetrate his organism and enliven him. Consequently, the individual experiences the welling up of a form of bliss that by far surpasses what reason can comprehend: The aim was to harness the powers of the human person (intelligence, activities of the senses, etc.) so as to master them and to access, beyond consciousness, spiritual states susceptible to rescue the soul (atman or purusa) from the prison of the body❒❠(Varenne, 1910, pp. 621-622, translated by Marcel Duclos).

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