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Yoga health on His desire to disseminate his teachings and that of his disciples to be near him led, in the 1930s, to a number of significant institutional developments. First, there was the founding of the Swarg Ashram Sadhu Sangha in 1933; this developed into the Divine Life Trust Society in 1936, which, in 1939, became the Divine Life Society.40 Membership of the Society was free and open to anyone who is eager to have Self-realisation, who practises ahimsa, satyam and brahmacharya.41 Secondly, Sivananda acquired a four-room cottage for him and four of his disciples, Swamis Paramananda, Krishnananda, Yogi Narayan and Swarna Giri. This grew by stages as new disciples came along and built their own cottages on land granted by the Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal. This formed the nucleus of what eventually became the Sivananda Ashram and Sivananda Nagar (city). By the early 1940s, Sivananda was sending his disciples all over India to spread the message of what would come to be known as Integral Yoga. Yoga health 2016.


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