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Yoga health san carlos for c. c. c. Hinduism spreads to Southeast Asia Roman Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity Christians granted full rights by Constantine First Catholic Ecumenical Council at Nicaea declares divinity of Jesus Christ Constantine builds city of Constantinople as capital of the Roman Empire Buddhism spreads to Korea Roman Empire makes Christianity its official religion Second Catholic Ecumenical Council at Constantinople Roman Empire splits between Eastern and Western Empires, with Roman Catholicism in Rome under the Pope and Eastern Orthodoxy in Constantinople under the Patriarch Third Catholic Ecumenical Council at Ephesus declares Mary as mother of God and Christ Fourth Catholic Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon declares Jesus Christ to be man and god The Talmud, Jewish law, codified in Babylonia Benedictine Order established in Italy Buddhism spreads to Japan Shinto first used as a name for related religious practices of ancient Japan Shinto, Buddhism, and Confucianism begin to merge in Japan Fifth Catholic Ecumenical Council at Constantinople Muhammad born in Mecca Muhammad has revelation of prophecy c. Confucianism reemerges in China Muhammad leaves Mecca and settles in Medina Muhammad breaks with Judaism and makes Mecca rather than Jerusalem the focus of worship Muhammad and his followers capture Mecca Buddhism becomes official religion of Tibet Muhammad dies and Islam begins split into two divisions of Sunni and Shiite Islam Official version of the Koran written Muslims conquer Persia and Zoroastrianism begins to decline Sixth Catholic Ecumenical Council at Constantinople Islamic mosque, Dome of the Rock, built in Jerusalem Hindu caste system established as basis of rural social organization in India Zoroastrians begin fleeing Persia and settle in India, forming the Parsi community Great Mosque in Damascas built Islam has spread across North Africa and into Spain Beginning of Islamic Abbasid period lasting until the most powerful Islamic empire in history Seventh Catholic Ecumenical Council at Nicaea is last one so recognized by both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches Period of merging of Buddhism and Shinto in Japan Charlemagne made Emperor by Pope Leo III, establishing secular authority of Roman Catholic Church xi c. c. Karaites emerge as rivals of Talmudic Judaism Sufism emerges as distinct sect within Islam Bulgarian Orthodox Church emerges Split between Eastern and Western Orthodox Churches Shinto texts written Catholicism has spread to all of Europe Neo-Confucianism emerges in China Eastern Orthodoxy becomes state religion of Russia Muslim rule begins in India leading to periods of repression of Hinduism and periods of relative freedom for several centuries Jainism repressed by Muslims and declines Split between Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church First of eight Christian Crusades with goal of displacing Muslims from Jerusalem. Yoga health san carlos photos, Yoga health san carlos 2016.

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