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Remain tall and firm and remember the cues as performed earlier in this flow. Move slowly and smoothly, working on your strength in balance on your supporting leg as you surrender the tension and increase the mobility of your moving leg. Finish firmly back into Tree Pose (25). Now lead with your chest and place your hands down in front of you. When firmly rooted, bend your knee and flow smoothly out of Half Lotus Forward Fold (26) to turn to the left and into Fire Log Pose (27). Grasp your right foot and swing it out and around to the ground to engage in Shinbox (28). Perform the first half of the Shinbox Switch to finish in Flat Foot Squat (29). Rise up smoothly to stand for the conclusion of Forest. Spider Monkey flow begins in standing as you drop forward smoothly into Quad Squat (Manduka Asana). While on all fours, flatten your back and equally distribute the weight of your torso between all four limbs. Bend and press up equally through your arms and legs (1). Exhale as you shift your weight firmly onto your right hand and swing your right leg over to your left side. Reach out far with your right leg and place the outside of your right foot firmly on the ground (2). Now, swing your left leg over to rest on top of your right leg (3). This brings you to the beginning of the Side Plank Pose (Vasisthasana).

Yoga health poses for The tablet may be destroyed and the ancestor forgotten or it may be placed along with other tablets in the family’s section of the village ancestor lineage hall, where much of the public worship takes place. The hall is a building built especially for and used almost exclusively for the worship of ancestors of people in the village and other people who are members of the same lineage. A lineage is one’s kinship line in the case of the Taiwanese, the key lineage is one’s patrilineage, or all relatives one is related to through one s fathers line. In addition to the display of the ancestor tablets in the ancestor hall, the ancestors remembered in the hall are worshiped through offerings of food, feasts given in their honor, rites on the anniversaries of their deaths, and special rites on general feast days. While the public function of the hall is religious, the size, placement, and condition of the hall, which groups worship their ancestors there, and the condition of the individual tablets all reflect political and social dynamics in the village and within and across the different lineages. In Taiwan, as elsewhere, one becomes an ancestor worthy of worship by dying. Thus, ancestor worship begins at or sometimes shortly before death. Yoga health poses photos, Yoga health poses 2016.

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