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Yoga health benefits on Individuals are to be granted the freedom to think and explore for themselves, encouraged to share their ideas, even if they offend other members of society, and knowledge claims are to be debated and assessed in a public forum. That, according to these thinkers, is how we can best improve our understanding of ourselves and of the world in which we live. That is an enlightenment which is, at the same time, both individual and social. One of its fruits is an increase in human flourishing, which is what the new yoga aims to promote. 3. What s wrong with seeking permanence? In their introduction to Philosophers Speak ofGod, Charles Hartshorne and William Reese claim to have identified (rather than imposed) a pattern in the history of rational reflection about God.12 This pattern, they claim, has unfolded in three stages. Yoga health benefits 2016.

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