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Yoga head on THE CESSATION OF SUFFERING The end of the last passage makes it clear that for the Buddha suffering, which, like everything else in this world, is conditioned and therefore impermanent, can be overcome. Indeed, the eradication of suffering (dukkhanta [P] / duhkhanta [S]) is the primary aim of all systems of yoga. It is worth mentioning here that in yogic thought generally death is not believed to be the end of suffering because as long as there are still karmic fruits to be experienced death simply leads to rebirth. We can recognize then that the Buddha s analysis of suffering, the essential features of which are shared by other yogic systems, is fundamentally metaphysical in nature. We can all agree on the empirical facts of suffering and even that desires and cravings con- tribute to suffering, but the teachings of karma and rebirth are not amenable to ordinary or even scientific evaluation. One accepts them as true either because certain texts teach them as truths or because one is able to access some kind of mystical state of consciousness that validates them for oneself. In other words, if the universe is not regulated by a law of karma, if beings are not reborn, then death may, in fact, be the end of suffering. Yoga head 2016.

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