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The Sramanas enjoyed high status, but it was an ambivalent respect swinging between fear and admiration. There might be many reasons for why the Sramanas were held in respect, but it is my hypothesis that there was an underlying and general power discourse – a cultural taken-for-granted habitus – into which the Sramanas stepped.

The early Sramanas entered and further developed a power discourse of semi-divinity and super-natural powers. This power discourse could initially have originated in the discourse of tapas or in the culture of Shamanism. The discourse had profound consequences for the symbolic meaning of first proto-yoga and then the yoga discourse as it emerged. Yoga became a totem, a sign highly charged with symbolic value. The symbolic value not only influenced the adaptation of yoga in wider circles of society but it often strongly shaped the very purpose of yoga: we often find that the symbolic-value of yoga became its use-value, the reason for practising yoga.

In a few concluding words about pre-modern yoga forms, one can say that their transformative meaning for the individual was about the release of the soul and their symbolic meaning was the acquisition of a social identity, power and symbolic capital. The symbolic meaning enabled species of holy professional men to prosper in a cultural field. They survived by transacting their symbolic capital, often envisioned as super-natural capabilities, with the surrounding society and its institutions.

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