Yoga Handstand Pose

Practise Aeroplane 1 and 2, for 10 breaths, Yoga Handstand Pose right and left, each exercise (synchronized with pendulum breathing as on Day Three).

(l)a Four-second pendulum breath in as arms are raised and feet rotate. Concentrate on tension.

b Four-second pendulum breath out as arms are lowered and feet straighten. Feel relaxation.

Aeroplane (2)

(2)a During four-second, pendulum breath in, bend over towards ankle.

b Return to aeroplane position during four-second pendulum breath out, then bend to other side.

5. Sit and stretch

Practise Sit and stretch five times (Day Four).

a Sit ivith back against wall.

b Start four-second pendulum breath in and reach forward to grasp toes or ankles at full inspiration.

c Pause to allow head to fall. Return to sitting position on your four-second breath out to complete exercise.

6. Press-ups

Yoga Handstand Pose Photo Gallery

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