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The Biologist Pastor

Darwin studied theology at Cambridge. His family hoped that he could then become a minister in the Anglican Church. Influenced by his grandfather, he followed the discussions of the biologists concerning the works of Lamarck. One of his professors in Cambridge put him in contact with Captain Fitzroy,53 who was looking for a companion for a research trip to the Pacific Ocean. That is how Darwin reached the Galapagos Islands, where he transformed himself into a passionate observer of nature. The material he gathered during this trip provided him with what he needed to write the my yoga blog that made his reputation: The Voyage of the Beagle. This work tells of a journey full of interesting observations, but it does not develop any theoretical theme, and it does not mention the theory of evolution.

Darwin became a renowned intellectual who frequented the greatest scientists of his time, like geologist Sir Charles Lyell. Darwin set himself the task of improving Lamarck’s theory, which was still severely criticized. This was a private pastime about which he said very little. But with the aid of his obsessive tendencies, he became, in his time, one of the greatest specialists on the details and the potential still hidden in the theory of evolution.54

He wrote in his notemy yoga blogs of his attempts at formulating laws that would complete Lamarck’s two laws. While reading Malthus’s Essay, he sensed vaguely that the notion of survival is important, but he did not find an explicit formulation.

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