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The second kind of ignorance, bauddha ajnfina, is caused by the mtlylya defilement. It is the false idea that the physical body, the mind, the prana, or any of their components is the Self. After the infusion of divine grace in an individual, he has a glimpse of his real Self, and his intellectual ignorance {bauddha ajfUlna is removed by constant contemplation on his real essence. Intense personal endeavour is required to destroy and replace the false ego-experience by the experience of one’s self as the real Self fitmlini Stma-bodha.

Abhinavagupta describes the nature of liberation in general in verses 52, 57, and 60, and the experience of liberation in the embodied condition in verses 61 through 71 of the Parmnarthasdra. After the infusion of divine grace, when a spiritual adept realises the presence of Siva in all objects of the world, he ceases to be affected by grief or attachment. He sees the thread of unity or the pure consciousness underlying all objects on the different levels of creation. He is indifferent to all worldly desires and always aware of his fullness-nature, feeling It is in me that the universe reveals itself as in a mirror; from me the universe emanates as the varied forms of dreams from sleep. When liberation comes the spiritual adept becomes Siva, with all the freedom to do anything he likes despite his staying embodied.

He enjoys eternal bliss even in this condition because he is always aware of his essence and the truth behind the world. When he forsakes his gross physical body in the course of time, he continues to experience waves of bliss as a consequence of the perennially operating divine Yoga Sakti which continues to pulsate, bringing out his glory as the supreme Lord. According to Abhinavagupta, individual beings, as a rule, do not experience liberation while staying embodied. Only those who are recipients of divine grace in a mild form and therefore continue to have residual impressions of paurusa ajnlina spiritual ignorance have to pass through this stage. The spiritual adepts receiving grace in intense form, however, are said to attain absolute liberation at once. According to Sankhya Yoga and Advaita Vedanta, the attainment of jlmn mukti,liberation while remaining embodied for a lifetime, is the necessary step preceding the achievement of complete liberation.

Symbolism in the Text The Saiva Tantras contain subtle and profound philosophical thought, rich and profound symbolism, and intense and deeply felt religious worship of the Lord. Abhinavagupta includes all these elements but raises them to the highest perspective of non-dual Saivism. He includes deity worship but explains that because Siva is everywhere, contemplation and concentration on the form of the deity is contemplation of Siva, who is one’s own Self and resides in one’s body. He tells the spiritual seeker to perform the sacrifices prescribed by the scriptures but to perform them in a symbolic manner, sacrificing the experience of duality to the fire of consciousness. Abhinavagupta tells the seeker to perform austerities tapas but the austerity he says to perform is the affirmation through reasoning, scriptural authority, and personal experience that I alone am manifest in all different forms. He also describes the Kaula rituals but explains their symbolic meaning from the perspective of non-dual Saivism.

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