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Such a disciple is chained by a wheel made of the succession of births and deaths. The possibility of a disciple remembering his past lives, which paves the way for the dawn of wisdom in him, is implied, because without such a memory how else can one explain the awakening of the keen spirit of enquiry in him. Thus the particular individual who has developed within himself the feeling of intense non-attachment and who has received divine grace from the supreme Lord as a result of which true spiritual knowledge has been awakened becomes fit to receive instructions from the teacher. Such a person approaches the true teacher, who is none other than the supreme Lord himself appearing on a lower plane, and expresses his desire to receive knowledge about the non-dual reality. Such a person alone is fit to receive instruction from the spiritual teacher, as stated in an unnamed text: O Goddess, la disciple! is led to the true spiritual master by the descent of divine grace. and The supreme knowledge is given to the disciple in whom the bonds of karma have been destroyed upon initiation by the spiritual master. All these points will be discussed later.

Yogarltja’s introduction to verse 4 After these introductory remarks about the nature of creation and the statement that the freedom of the supreme Lord, which is unique to him, is the root cause of the creation and dissolution of the infinite variety of the world, the author Abhinavagupta describes the world’s self-expansion of the supreme Lord, which is accomplished by his divine Yoga Sakti. To introduce the subject matter of the text, he describes the totality of creation in terms of the manifestation of four eggs andas. The supreme Lord creates this universe consisting of four eggs anda, the Yoga Sakti egg, the mnya egg, the prakrti egg, and the prthvl egg, out of the glory of his own divine Yoga Sakti.1 4 The supreme Lord, who is free and whose nature is that of massive consciousness and bliss, manifests this massive object the universe, composed of four eggs, so named because hey are like shells hiding his true nature. As already stated, the mass of objects comprising the universe is technically called an egg.

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