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Yoga getting started on Many Buddhists regard the Dalai Lama as an incarnation of Avalokitesvara. These bodhisattvas take on so many different forms because they practise a virtue that is greatly emphasized in Mahayana Buddhism: skill-in-means (upaya kausalya). The dharma is deep and difficult to comprehend, not least because it requires us to abandon attachment to everything we ordinarily think we are and take on a radically new, substanceless identity. People often need to be jolted or tricked into perceiving the world in this new way and so Buddhists seek to be as creative as they can in finding as many ways as possible to do this. Indeed, the entire Buddhist tradition can be seen as a gigantic exercise in upaya kausalya that is designed to bring as many beings as possible to awakening. One Mahayanist teaching that helps us to understand how this can work is that of the three bodies (tri-kaya) of the Buddha. This is another elaboration of teachings that were already present in the suttas. Yoga getting started 2016.

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