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I tell you that they take quicksilver and sulphur and mix them together with water and make drink out of it. Then they drink it and say it lengthens their life.â349.

We will return to this special jogi group soon.

From warrior to wrestler and monk

What happened to the warrior jogi as the Mughal Empire eventually crumbled? As market conditions changed, the social stratum of the warrior ascetics changed accordingly. Many of them did not just throw their weapons away. Some instead offered their services to local princes and aristocrats. Many ascetic communities branched out into new economic activities, where weapons and organised militancy could still play a significant role. Some became moneylenders, others offered protection to travelling caravans or directly plundered travellers (van der Veer 2001 & 2004; Clark 2004, White 2009). Some established themselves as local warlords and princes, other offered mafia-like protection rackets to local populations, and some took up trading.

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