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Yoga general health for Kanya, the maiden, often depicted in a boat and holding a lamp and grain Virgo Tula, the scales, often shown as a merchant weighing his goods in the marketplace Libra Vrscika, the scorpion Scorpio Dhanus, the bow, often, as in the West, a centaur archer Sagittarius Makara, the sea-monster, a mythical aquatic beast, typically resembling an ornate crocodile with an elephant’s trunk, although the astrological version is often shown as a deer with a fish’s tail Capricorn Kumbha, the water-pot, sometimes, as in the West, shown as a man emptying a water-pot carried on his shoulder Aquarius Mina, the fish Pisces Houses Bhava. Yoga general health photos, Yoga general health 2016.

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