Yoga for Yoga for Cyclists

In the post Yoga for cyclists we were working a lot on the hips and on the legs on the spine. But the hands. And the arms can get a tremendous work out. Because we’re really holding on especially during those longer rides one of my favorite ways to release tension here is to work with this idea of opening up through the fingers. So we’re just on our knees here you can use a towel or blanket underneath your knees, if they’re sensitive. And then just spreading the fingers nice and wide pointing them back toward the back. And then gently letting them come down now you take that same idea and begin to let the risks come down as well. So the whole palm is resting on the ground now don’t go too far and let this hurt.

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But let’s find an area where the discomfort feels really good. And then we take our breasts down into those areas that are really calling for attention you can also go for toast squats here as well and that will give you a wonderful wonderful stretch on both the bottoms of the legs and on the wrists. And the forearms I’m Deborah divine for healing yoga namaste.

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