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Felt truly relaxed stress just melted away I went from a size 18 to a size 8 I start getting sick pain disappears I learned to open my heart and I felt ceiling Yoga Yoga for real people with real problem hello I’m Deborah divine and that was my story smoking weight issues high cholesterol and high blood pressure were all negatively affecting my heart health. But then I found gentle yoga it helped me manage my stress levels and keep my blood pressure down celebrate world health day with these healingyoga tips that helped open the heart strengthen the body and calm the mind. And we’ll begin with Sun breaths the feet are about hip-width apart. And the heels are out toes are in we’re making really solid foundational contact with the ground here, if you come back on your heels a little bit more with your weight you’ll feel the quadriceps begin to charge up go to the pelvic girdle squeeze and hug everything into the center feel the ribs coming off of the top of the hips as you feel the in breath lifting everything on the front line of the body. And the out breath taking everything down the back line of the body take the shoulder blades together and move them down broaden through the collar bones lengthen through the back of the neck and take yourself to the back plane of the body here.

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And so yourself strong take your hands in front of the heart center and inhale the arms out and up fingers touch. And we exhale back to heart center inhaling opening wide spreading the fingers exhaling coming back to heart center and pressing the palms together inhaling out and up exhaling fingers are pressing together and we’re broadening the collarbones it’s really wonderful to practice in a warmer environment. Because your joints feel more flexible your muscles. And your connective tissue seem to be more limber. And we get to detoxify by sweating a little bit more easily than we would in a regular temperature environment now we’re going to be coming into half Sun salutes so will step to the head of the mat. And we’ll come to Tad Asana heels are out toes are in energize the lakes energize the pelvic girdle feel the ribs coming up again feel this opening in the upper part of the chest. And the squeezing in the back part of the upper back hands to heart center inhale arms out and up exhale take the arms out bend the knees and let the pelvis come up and over the heads of the femurs you can touch the shins or the ground.

And then we’re going to inhale halfway lift lengthen the back exhale come down again inhale all the way back up exhale hands to heart center now we’re keeping on with this routine. And the feet are going to just stay grounded keep coming back to the feet and feeling grounded through the heels inhaling all the way back up exhaling hands to heart now we’re going to be breathing the Ajay breath inhaling with that slight constriction at the back of the throat exhale with that slight constriction at the back of the throat coming forward bending the knees inhale halfway lift whoo jai the victorious breath exhale yes inhale all the way back up the ajay breath is an excellent way to keep heat going in the body we are using our throat the back of the throat is a very slight constriction and that is helping us slow the breath down hands to heart center we are coaxing the Sun out from behind the horizon with this practice and that is going to heat things up for us quite a bit inhaling halfway exhale forward fold inhale all the way up axia now we’re going to get into the warrior pose using a chair as support.

So we come to the edge of the chair sitting on the sit bones removing any flesh of the buttocks that might be in the way. And then the left foot comes forward the foot comes right underneath the knee maybe just a little bit forward here yes Margaret wonderful. And then the back leg comes back and, if you can get the whole foot to rest on the ground fantastic, if not just do what you can do now energize the back leg very gently energize the front leg very gently and press down from the knee into the heel long slow smooth in breaths and long slow smooth and complete out breaths we’re engaging the back leg as the brain of the pose we’re hugging muscle to bone and really making a solid connection to the ground. But this is a very gentle warrior position we go to the front foot. And we press down into the heel of the front foot let’s move the heel forward just a little bit wonderful and we’re engaging the glutes we’re squeezing very gently and toning those muscles lift everything on the front part of the body. And then exhale the shoulder blades down the back and broaden the collarbones now let’s take ourselves out of the pose take the back leg back towards Center bring the front leg back to Center. And we’ll switch sides so right foot comes forward left foot comes back engaging the muscles of the back leg pressing down into the heel of the front foot let’s just move that forward ever so slightly a little bit more yes wonderful now we are drawing the shoulder blades down the back and opening up the collar bones let’s rotate the upper arms externally and face the palms to the sky then the next time an in breath comes we’re going to bend the arms into cactus arms and face the pumps forward next in breath becomes lift the arms high to the sky.

And then exhale bend the arms back into cactus arms palms facing forward draw the shoulder blades down and bring them together behind the heart. And then an in-breath takes the arms back up again. And then exhale bend the elbows back into cactus arms. And then straighten the arms out into our original warrior pose gentle warriors here working the upper body moving a lot of energy around inhale bend the arms cactus arms exhale. And then inhale lift the arms high to the sky exhale bend the elbows again and take it to warrior one more time wonderful inhale bend the arms exhale stay here. And then India lift the elbows lift the arms exhale bend the elbows again. And then inhale into warrior arms coming out palms facing down spread the fingers nice and wide inhale lift the front of the chest and rotate the upper arms externally palms facing the sky yes spread the fingers let the shoulder blades come down the back legs in the back of the head and take the head to the back plane of the body come to supe de baddha kon Asana the supine bound angle pose. So we’re going to take one bolster lengthwise and we’re going to place it behind the buttocks yes and we’re going to use a blanket as a support for the head. And the neck.

And then we use the hands beside us to help us come down and rest how’s that you can move your pelvis away from the bottom of the ribs, if there’s any pinch enos in the low back then the knees are going to be supported with another bolster then we can let the soles of the feet come together and let the knees splay apart so we’ve got this wonderful resting pose here resting goddess pose what can be really helpful is to use weights and supports to help us feel really grounded so an eye bag is a wonderful idea now the eye bag is not really meant to be resting on the ice. Because we want to interfere with the shape of the cornea but, if we rest the eye bag just on the forehead and on top of the brow bone. And then maybe just tuck it down. So that it’s resting just at the top of the eyelid that can have a very calming and cooling effect on the brain. And then we can take a blanket and cover ourselves up keep ourselves warm it’s very soothing to have a blanket when we’re resting in shav Asana and then, if we have a rice bag or yoga sandbag we place it on the bottom of the pelvis now we surrender completely feel yourself getting wider and flatter and feel the supports underneath you, if you’ve got glasses just remove them and place them off to the side the mind starts to settle give yourself permission to rest with purpose let yourself rest back sink the shoulder blades into the ground sink the pelvis into the ground take a long slow smooth and breath into the feet the legs the hips the spine. And the back breathing in light and spaciousness exhaling tension exhaling holding long slow smooth in breath into the belly into the chest. And the arms the hands breathing in light and spaciousness exhaling tension exhaling holding and surrendering a long slow smooth in breath into the neck into the face into the brain. And the eyes breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling tension exhaling holding thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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